As hospitals reach capacity, Italian Oncologist treat COVID-19 Patients at home

As intensive-care units in hospitals have reached their capacity and the number of cases of Coronavirus is still on a rise, an Italian oncologist and his team has begun treating Coronavirus patients at their homes.

The director of the oncology ward at Piacenza Hospital in the Emilia-Romagna region on the border with Italy’s hardest-hit Lombardy region, Luigi Cavanna has been prescribing antiviral drugs and Hydroxychloroquine to patients showing new Coronavirus symptoms.

Cavannna said, “This disease can be stopped, and its spread can be stopped, because if we give (patients) an anti-viral drug, which prevents the virus from replicating, not only we can prevent the person from becoming ill, but we can probably also prevent the disease from spreading.”

More than 100 patients have been treated by Cavanna and his team at home and less than 10 per cent had to be admitted to hospital.

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