As COVID-19 pandemic grips Bolivia, general election pushed to October

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips Bolivia, the South American nation has pushed back its general election till October 18, 2020, a move that could ignite tensions between the interim conservative government and the socialist party of former President Evo Morales.

“This election requires the highest possible health security measures to protect the health of Bolivians,” said tribunal president Salvador Romero.

Announcing the move, the Chief of the electoral tribunal on July 24 said that the polls have been postponed from the initially scheduled date of September 6. The move comes as part of the efforts to ensure the safety of the voters as the hospitals and cemeteries strain under the adverse impacts of the deadly virus.

The polls pushed to October 18 are a key to the political future of the Andean nation of 11.5 million people after the election last year ignited widespread protests that led to the country’s long-term leftist leader Morales advance a resignation.

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