As COVID-19 cases rise, France struggles to administer testing to keep up with demand

As COVID-19 cases in France are rising anew, the administration here is facing a lot of problems in administering testing for the virus to keep up with the demand.

One of the reasons behind France’s struggle in testing is that many testing labs have been closed so that their staff can take summer vacation as signs of a second wave are building around. Emergency services doctor Christophe Prudhomme said, “First, there is a lack of workers to do the testing. If we don’t ask all the health workers to be available by mobilizing all of them, there are just not enough people.”

“And then it’s a matter of organization,” added he, urging regional health agencies to organize testing.

Testing is the major key to get into a better shape and France that has already lost more than 30,000 lives cannot afford to lose more when there sounds another wave of the virus.

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