As Beijing begins inoculation, more than 73,000 get first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

In two days since Beijing began administering the COVID-19 vaccine jab among specific groups of people with higher infection risks, a total of 73,537 people in 220 inoculation venues across the city have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Gao Xiaojun, a spokesperson for the municipal health commission said that no side effects have been observed among those who received vaccine. Gao noted that those receiving the jab will have the information updated on Beijing’s health code app an those who have urgent plans to travel overseas are allowed to apply for COVID-19 inoculation at the community service centre.

Currently, the inoculation majorly covers nine groups of people aged 18 to 59 in Beijing, including frontline customs inspectors of imported cold-chain goods and personnel working in the overseas and domestic transportation sector.

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