Amnesty report finds that thousand of indigenous people in Peru are exposed to a toxic substance

A new report, Failed state of health: Health emergency in Indigenous Peoples of Espinar, Peru by the Amnesty International has found that Members of the Indigenous K’ana People’s communities in Espinar province have high levels of metals and toxic substances in their bodies and the Peruvian state is failing in its obligation to guarantee their right to health, 

“This scientific and independent evidence shows that the communities in Espinar are facing a health crisis that requires an urgent and robust response from the government. The authorities must act to guarantee the right to health of the population and prevent Espinar from continuing to be another example of the failed state of Peru’s health system,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International. 

“The authorities must show leadership and resolve the serious health crisis in Espinar and in particular ensure the implementation of the Emergency Strategy ordered by the courts in December 2020. People living with metals and toxic substances in their bodies cannot become normalized. This is a situation that must be resolved without delay and with guarantees that it will not be repeated,” said Marina Navarro, executive director of Amnesty International Peru, noting that Espinar is experiencing a double health crisis today, due to the pandemic and pollution.

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