All Toyota Car Sales in Europe will be Zero-Emission by 2035

By 2035, all new vehicles sold in Western Europe Toyota Motor Corp will be zero-emission versions, as the world’s largest manufacturer complies with the region’s stricter pollution laws. 

Toyota by 2030 hopes that at least half of its model mix, including electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell cars, will be zero-emission. 

Toyota, like other manufacturers, is producing a flood of electric cars in order to comply with stricter emissions laws in major areas like Western Europe. 

However, unlike some other manufacturers, it has not committed to completely abandoning gasoline automobiles, claiming that some areas are not yet ready for the transition to EVs or other alternative propulsion technologies. 

Toyota’s electrified vehicle sales, such as EVs and hybrid automobiles, are expected to increase to roughly 1.3 million units in 2022, up from 1.07 million this year.