All members of Botswana Parliament put under quarantine

In Botswana, on April 9, a health care worker at the Parliament was tested positive for the novel coronavirus. As a precautionary measure the entire Parliament, including President Eric Masisi and the Speaker, are under a 14-day mandatory quarantine starting on April 10.

Botswana has by far tested 13 positive cases, and the health care worker at the Parliament is among the recently detected seven cases, per the statement issued by the government of Botswana.

President Eric Masisi was previously tested negative on April 1 for COVID-19 after he went into self-quarantine period following his trip to neighbouring Namibia in March and was back to work in April. But the recent development has again pushed him back into quarantine.

Botswana is in a state of emergency as declared by President Masisi to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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