After getting second wave of COVID-19 under control, Singapore on track to face worst-ever outbreak of dengue

It has been not so long that second wave of Coronavirus outbreak was brought under control in Singapore and now the country is on tracks to face the worst-ever outbreak of another viral infection named dengue.

As per the National Environment Agency (NEA), more than 14,000 cases of the viral infection i.e. dengue, have been reported in the city-state, since the beginning of the year. The total number of dengue cases for the whole year is likely to exceed the 2013 tally of 22,170 cases, which has been the largest dengue outbreak in the country’s history.

1,468 cases were reported in last week alone and in the third consecutive week the number of cases have exceeded 1,000, the highest number of weekly cases ever reported in the country. 

16 deaths due to dengue have been reported in Singapore this year, twice the death poll reported in 2013.

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