After being Named EU’s Top Destination for 2021, Greece Aims to Attract Tourists All Year Long

Greece has been named the top European destination for 2021 by the World Travel Awards. Following this news, Vassilis Kikilias, the Greek Minister of Tourism, noted that the state has demonstrated a well-managed tourism situation during the pandemic, demonstrating that it is the most beautiful and safe destination. 

Kikilias also highlighted that the island hopes to attract tourists all year and recommended industry professionals to plan for a great 2022. 

In addition, the Greek Minister paid a visit to Rhodes, where he met with George Chatzimarkos, the regional governor of the South Aegean, Antonis Kampourakis, the Mayor of Rhodes, Antonis Kampourakis, Dodecanese MPs Manos Konsolas and Vassilis Ypsilantis, and other island representatives. 

Approximately 1,339,218 visitors were recorded in Rhodes from May 13 to October 17, which comprises the summer season, encompassing the early and late seasons. Furthermore, 163,997 visitors were registered from October 1 to 17, representing the autumn season, showing a 203.6 percent increase over the previous year. 

A similar increase in tourist numbers has been observed on Kos, with approximately 28,907 visitors registered in the region in October 2020. This year, the number of visitors climbed by 171%, reaching 78,358 people. 

The Greek islands are nearly back to pre-pandemic tourism levels. The reopening and recovery of the tourist strategy comprised timely and targeted advertising, cooperation, and responsible work, demonstrating the Greek people’s hospitality. the organization of the vaccination program, such as the establishment of centers to provide the service to the public. Greece has the biggest number of recognized vaccines, which aided the tourism industry because visitors from many countries were vaccinated with different doses. 

Santorini, a popular tourist destination in Greece, has also been identified as a potential global model for sustainable tourism, with the government announcing plans to finalize space management, infrastructure development, and integration, a shift to more digital solutions, cruise management, and proposals to manage parking and sustainable resource management. In Rhodes and the South Aegean region, tourism accounts for approximately 95% of revenue.