African Development Bank grants two million U.S. dollars to WHO to fight COVID-19

As a measure to extend a helping hand to strengthen the capacity of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in helping to curb the spread of the pandemic in African countries, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved around 208 million Kenyan shillings (about two million U.S. dollars) in emergency assistance.

The statement released by the African Development Bank’s Human Capital Youth and Skills Development Department read, “This grant will enable regional member countries to put in place, robust containment measures, within 48 hours of COVID-19 case confirmation, and support WHO Africa region, to disseminate information and increase public awareness in communities”.

The African Development Bank added, “WHO Africa will also boost surveillance systems, procure and distribute laboratory test kits and reagents, and support coordination mechanisms at national and regional levels”.

The measure will aid the member states to cope with the economic and social impact of this pandemic and will bolster capacity of 41 African countries, on infection prevention, testing and case management.

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