Afghani teen girl kills two Taliban militants in fightback, new social media sensation

Bravery has no gender, no nationality and this has been proven by a teenage Afghan girl who is being hailed on social media for her “heroism” after fighting back last week against Taliban militants who killed her parents.

The local officials in Afghanistan’s Ghor province said that the girl, who is believed to be aged between14 and 16, took the family’s AK-47 assault rifle, shot dead two of the militants and wounded several others.

The girl’s father was a government supporter that attracted the wrath of the Taliban militants and they came to the house to kill him. The officials added that later more militants came to attack the house, in the village of Griwa, but were beaten back by villagers and pro-government militia.

A photo of the girl holding the gun has gone viral on social media in recent days.

Officials said that the girl and her younger brother had been taken to a safer place. The girl reminds the world at large of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, who too was the victim of the Taliban’s coercive rule and was shot in head in the year 2012 by a Taliban gunman.

The Taliban has signed a peace deal with the US in February In Doha, but many of its members continue to call for the overthrow of the current Afghan government and the Constitution.

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