The UN Believes that “Covid-19” had Little Effect on Migration Causes

According to the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic has done little to stem the spread of war, violence, and prejudice, with the newest study estimating that there would be 3 million more refugees around the world in 2020.

COVID -19 appears to have had no impact on some of the major core issues that drive people to escape, according to Filippo Grandi, the UN’s top refugee official. In previous reports UN had estimated 79.5 million refugees and displaced people, now there are 82.4 million global refugees.

Grandi’s remarks came just days after US Vice President Kamala Harris sought to reassure Latin America’s poor and vulnerable populations that the US had “the potential” to help them improve their lives without having to run to the US border.

As part of the Biden administration’s effort to curb the flow of immigrants into the United States, Harris spent two days diplomacy in Guatemala and Mexico. She met with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico to discuss economic investments and improved enforcement of anti-trafficking, anti-smuggling, and anti-corruption laws.

The surge in border migration has been Harris ended her first international trip as vice president by making no apologies for her decision not to visit the US-Mexico border as part of her mission to address immigration to the US.

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