Abiy Ahmed denies any civilian casualty in Tigray

According to a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister – Ethiopia and also available on the official twitter handle @PMEthiopia, there have been no civilian casualties in the Tigray region during the operations by the Ethiopian Army. 

The statement from Mr Abiy’s office said “the active phase of the operations has come to an end”, and the government is now “restoring law and order” while resettling those who’ve fled the region.

The statement criticizes the TPLF and calls it a criminal clique. According to the statement, the notion  that the criminal group cares about the wellbeing of civilians is anomalous to its inherent being. “The Federal Government wishes to underline that the safety and well being of our citizens remains our utmost priority”, the statement concludes. 

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tigray_in_Ethiopia_(1943-1987).svg