A New Era in EU-Taiwan Bilateral Relations 

On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened a press conference with members of the visiting European Parliament delegation to present the key takeaways from their conversations with Taiwanese officials about false news and democracy. 

Politicians in the European Parliament’s Foreign Interference Committee expressed optimism about Europe-Taiwan relations and lauded Taiwan as a vibrant democracy. Raphael Glucksmann, the committee’s French chair, described his visit to Taiwan as a “great honor” and complimented the country for having the region’s most robust democracy. 

The delegation came to Taiwan to learn from and observe the Taiwanese government’s experiences fighting disinformation and protecting democratic values. Glucksmann went on to say that the European Parliament is united in its support for Taiwan’s democracy. 

Audrey Tang was among the Taiwan politicians and ministers who met with the group. Glucksmann said that they were pleased by Taiwan’s approach to disinformation and foreign meddling, which he said cut across all aspects of government and society. 

The more interactions between Taiwan and the world there are, the less dangerous the Taiwan Strait will be, the committee chair noted. This is because expanded bilateral exchanges will send a strong message to Beijing that Taiwan is not alone and that if China makes a unilateral move in the region, there will be “a heavy price to pay”. 

Marketa Gregorova, a legislator from the Czech Pirate Party, believes the EU and Taiwan should have negotiations with social media corporations to establish norms and regulations so that they are not the only ones making the rules. 

Andrius Kubilius, the former Lithuanian Prime Minister suggested that the countries continue to share their experiences and suggested an informal yearly Taiwan-EU meeting focused on democracy and protection. 

According to Lithuanian politician Petras Austrevicius, the EU and Taiwan see many opportunities for future cooperation, and both sides recognize the importance of a “multi-sectorial” strategy.  

For three days, the delegation visited with Taiwanese officials, NGOs, and civil society organizations. 

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