A new attack on Sikh community in Kabul kills four

Religious minorities have always been the easy target of extremist forces operating within the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the recent attack on a Sikh religious compound in the capital city of Kabul in Afghanistan on March 25. By far, no organisation or individual has claimed responsibility for the same.

Per the information provided by Narindra Singh Khalsa, a Sikh lawmaker, four people had been killed and more than 100 people trapped inside the temple.  

Per the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, the area near by the Sikh compound have been blocked off by the security forces and have exchanged fire with the gunmen.

The Sikh community residing within the borders of Afghanistan has been facing the extremist heat in the recent years with their percentage witnessing a significant decline. A similar incident took place in 2018, when the Islamic State claimed suicide bombing killed a dozen people in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

The death toll is subjected to rise.

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