200 bodies found in mass grave in Raqqa province of Syria

A mass grave has been discovered in the northern province of Raqqa in Syria on April 14. The mass grave is located in the town of Raqet Samra, in the countryside of Raqqa province.

Reports claim that the Raqqa province of Syria has been the centre of power or to say the previous de facto capital of the militant group, Daesh.

The discovered mass grave has the remains of more than 200 bodies that the reports claim to be mostly of civilians who became the target of extremism of the terrorist group, Daesh. 

The recently discovered mass grave adds to the list of graves being discovered in different part of the province since the defeat of the Daesh in Raqqa in late 2017. Most the discovered mass grave stores the remains of the civilians who have been executed by the Daesh militants.

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